Each floppy that I make is completely unique and cannot be recreated, they are truly one of a kind. I have displayed a couple examples of what I can create for your very own custom patchwork floppy!


All custom patchwork floppy foragers are made with a reversible side that can be the fabric / pattern of your choice!


>>>To officially start making your floppy, you need to email megaleidoscope@gmail.com telling me what size you'd like (I usually do 22.5-23 inches), fabric type, if you want a smaller brim size (or any modification you'd like) and what pattern you want on your floppy forgager!<<<

{custom patchwork floppy}

  • All products are non-refundable.

    If you have questions or concerns after receiving your order please feel free to email me at megaleidoscope@gmail.com