Each floppy forager that I magically create is entirely unique compared to all the others. The floppies shown above are examples of how I can create your own custom floppy.


Your floppy forgager will depend on the fabric I have in stock...


Please reach out to ask about all the fabrics that I have to make you floppy from, or if you have an old t-shirt/clothing you'd like to remake into your custom floppy then please don't hesitate to reach out about it!


>>>To officially start making your floppy, you need to email telling me what size you'd like (I usually do 22.5-23 inches), fabric type, if you want a smaller brim size (or any modification you'd like) and what pattern you want on your floppy forgager!<<<

{custom floppy}

  • All products are non-refundable.

    If you have questions or concerns after receiving your order please feel free to email me at