\reasons to create/

\artist statement/

I believe our society has lost its grasp on the nature of reality. For thousands of years, humans evolved and adapted different ways to live, following in nature’s guidance. Technology has adapted along side humans on our road to evolution. Furthermore technology seems to have evolved us into a new sense of survival. We have deeply integrated technologies into every part of our daily life, without truly understanding the potential threat it has to fully engulf oneself in place of reality.

To understand why there has been such extreme detachment between humans and nature, is why I create art.

I am determined to understand why “western civilization” has forgotten the ancient natural way of life and is tolerating being controlled by the new way of survival, technology. By immersing myself into research including history, folklore, and science of the oldest living organisms’ I am able to make more sense of what the world has become.

Mushrooms have the potential to alter our perception of the world by interweaving the past, present, and future into one knowledge. It is a belief to possess the power to change one’s perception of self and one’s reality. The art I create is interwoven with idealities of mushrooms along with my chosen chaotic artistic style eventually represents a new visual understanding to the world. 

The old memories of being consumed by the overwhelming vastness of nature has always piqued my curiosity. I have always been amused by living things sprawled across the forests floor; a lot of those subjects seem to crawl into my own compositions both consciously and subconsciously. Creating art opens doors to understanding the reality of the world and the world I find within myself.

In addition, my art helps link the gap between my physical self and my spiritual self. It allows me to embrace my body completely, enough to further the embrace of my psyche. This aids to complete the understanding of who I am, reality, and human awareness. 

Art helps me investigate the idiocrasies of life. 

I have so many questions and art only begins to answer them.