Past + Present creations by Meg. Find out availability of pieces through email.

about the wonky works

After finishing college with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art, my love of creating abstract pieces morphed into something more than paintings with countless different mediums. I have begun channelling my artistic flow into creating simple textiles inspired by Mother Gaia...

Everything you see here are handmade by me, Meg, (or Moo, Meggi, Meguna). Every item here is very similar to my own free-spirited personality, each has its own mood and wonky characteristics - no one else will have the same work of art. 

Handmade with love + light, created with the intention of carrying a vibrant + wonky energy with it - wherever it goes in this world.

The extraordinary + overwhelming feeling that comes with channeling that magic that creates ends up creating these wonky creations is something truly ethereal.  My intention for each creation is to help all those humans to embrace every weird + wonky aspect of yourself (and life) in every form.


Loving the weird + wonderful is the best part about life.

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